Referral exchange (concerns students who were granted a place, but haven't checked in yet)

Only valid, granted applications with already assigned dormitory can take place in the exchange..

If you want to change the dormitory of your future accommodation, you may try to exchange it with someone else.

When there will be another person wanting opposite exchange, then the deal will be made. After that you can accommodate in the choosen dormitory, without any futher bureaucracy.

Offers are automatically processed based on their placement time

Uwaga: changing dormitory cancels any previous room reservations.

Place exchange (concerns current residents)

If you are already a resident of AGH UST Student Campus and you want to change your dormitory, you can also join the Dorm Exchange.

Declare one or more dormitories in which you would like to live in. When we will have a free place in one of them, we will inform you by e-mail (during working days) after which you should visit your current Dormitory Manager’s office and complete all the formalities connected with the removal. Then you can check-in in the new dormitory.